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Betty Howard
Bill's Wife
Joanne Kline
Kevin's Wife
Diane Morley
Joel's Wife
Josie Vajdos
Bill's Mother-In-Law
Jonathan Esparza
Henry's Son
Cindy Mitchell
Bill's Wife
Susan Griffin
Gary's Wife
Deanna Spruce
David Parker's Lady
Grace Davis
Ron's Wife
Nancy Ober
Steve's Wife
Margaret Williamson
Joe's Wife
Tish Hunt
Lynn's Wife
The 60+ San Antonio Texans are blessed to have a loyal "FAN" base.

Many, many thanks go out to our wives, girl friends,
children, and others that show up at our games to
"root us on!!"  Without your support, we would not be
able to relive our glorious days of yesteryear and play
this "kid's game" we love so much......

Thanks again.....we love each and every one of you
for being a part of our "Baseball Family!!"
Lisa Esparza
Henry's Wife