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The 2018 edition of the San Antonio Texans are the Roy Hobbs World Series 65+ AAA Vintage
Division CHAMPIONS!!!
FRONT:  Joel Morley, Kenny Balthrop, Bob Fortier, Pete Powell, Keith Thomas, Johnny Cantu, Bill Howard, Elias Bazan, Gary Hackelman
BACK:  Steve Gillis, Joe Williamson, Bill Mitchell, Skip Bradley, Steve Ober, David Parker, Kevin Kline, Malcolm Latham, Jack Alberty, Bill Ehrhardt, Jerry Davis, Mike Anderson
2018 Roy Hobbs World Series
60+ AAA Third Place
FRONT:  Rick Jacobson, Louie Mendez, Dan Coleman, Joel Morley, Scott Weedo, Bill Howard, Oscar Minor, Mike April
BACK:  Bill Mitchell, Henry Esparza, J.J. Bailey, Wayne Speaker, Bernie Pieniazek, Bill Downing, Tom Flournoy, Bobby Hoeffner, Jack Alberty, Ron Davis, Joe Williamson, Steve Warnock, Mike Anderson, David Parker
David Parker lost his "Pine Tar" but found a couple of work-in-around "solutions!"  Yech! No animals were injured as these pictures were being taken.